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With technologies moving fast into the future, we should also start our education and take part in this amazing new digital technology revolution.

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Video #1

Introduction & Outline

Video #2

Understanding Old & New Money!

Video #3

New Money & New System

Video #4

What is Blockchain?

People that have reached financial success always do 3 things:

1. Research new business ventures and investment possibilities,

2. Stay on top of what is happening on the market,

3. Predict where the future is heading in terms of technologies and innovations.

What You'll Discover in this Course:

What are Cryptocurrencies

Why should I learn about it?

How does it affect me?

How can I make money from it?

What is mining how do I mine these digital currencies

How to store cryptocurrencies safely

How to invest in ICOs and Altcoins

The role and views of regulators, auditors and legal experts

What Others Are Saying:


Because the intent and the subject that will be discussed is clear. He clearly says what he will teach.

Mario Muniz

Boomy Tokan was excellent in his teaching to the layman. He made it easy to understand. Keep on the great work.

Takahiro Yamada

I like the presenters style of showing information. It's clear and understandable for a newbie like me. keeps the audience engaged.

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